Rahele Jomepour

Here is work by an Iranian artist named Rahele Jomepour. I have fallen in love with these collage-like illustrations. It is always interesting to see art coming out of countries like Iran, where expression is not necessarily free.




7 responses to “Rahele Jomepour

  1. Nathan

    This is great. Are these digital illustrations?

  2. laura, i like your blog. just wanted you to know im adding your blog to my RSS in my mac mail so i can see what you put up here.


  3. lauren

    I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Rahele in Italy for an exhibition of illustration. Her works are all unbelievable and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thanks for showing some of her amazing works!

    • thedoejane

      How neat. What exhibition was it? Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed!

      • Rahele

        Hi dear Thedoejane ,
        I am Rahele Jome pour, it is so honorable for me that you put some of my illustartions in your website and show them to the other artists,
        Thank you so much for your interest in my works, and thanks to Lauren who is one of my best friend in the US , we have met together in Cioja ( near to venice . Italy), the exhibition was with the title of Teatrio Competition in Illustration,I hope to meet you one day in the real world,
        Best Regards

  4. Rahele

    Hi my friend
    Here is my blog’s address
    I hope to enjoy visiting it,

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